Onsite Catering – Construction Caterers

Our specialist catering team are dedicated to the Construction industry, providing a first class service to all personnel. Our team have over ten years experience in this area of catering. They serve wholesome nutritious food to hundreds of personnel in South Wales and England.

With over ten years of dedicated experience in construction catering we are able to give you advice and guidance on every aspect of your on-site catering. We have helped with the planning stages of the facility right down to menu selection. We can provide everything from the tea bags to the corporate buffets for management.
We can cater for a large variety of sites, from the ground work stage to the completion of the project. 

Why not call us to find out more about how we can cater for you?

The scope and variety of services is your choice, but always carried out in a professional hygienic manner. 
We have references from previous construction companies for your perusal upon request.

If you would like to have a chat about onsite catering and how our we can help you, simply call today on 01291 408 006 or email fun@inanda-events.co.uk